A total of 44 products have been sent into oblivion ☠


social networking site

2011 - 2018

why dead?

In October 2018, Google announced that it was shutting down Google+ for consumers, citing low user engagement and a software error.



URL shortening service

2009 - 2018

why dead?

The service no longer accepts new users since April 13, 2018 and will discontinue the service for existing users on March 30, 2019. After March 30, 2019, all links will continue to redirect to the intended destination.

Google Spaces

Google Spaces

app for group discussions

2016 - 2017

why dead?

Google’s traditional Spring cleaning — and with it maybe the company is showing it can be a little more focused on its messaging strategy.

Google Talk

Google Talk

instant messaging service

2005 - 2017

why dead?

Google announced its decision to discontinue Google Talk. Instead, users are being advised to start using the Hangouts app.

Project Ara

Project Ara

modular smartphone project

2014 - 2016

why dead?

Google has “suspended” work on Project Ara. The decision is said to be part of an effort to unify Google’s hardware development under former Motorola president Rick Osterloh.



geo-located photo sharing

2005 - 2016

why dead?

On September 16, 2014, it was announced that Google intended to close Panoramio and migrate it to Google Maps Views.

Google Code

Google Code

project hosting service


why dead?

Google Code offered a free collaborative development environment for open source projects. Projects hosted on Google Code remain available in the Google Code Archive.



online photo-sharing tool

2002 - 2016

why dead?

Google stated that the primary reason for retiring Picasa was that it wanted to focus its efforts “entirely on a single photos service” the cross-platform, web-based Google Photos.

Google Moderator

Google Moderator

Issue tracking system

2008 - 2015

why dead?

Google Moderator was shut down on 2015 because the usage did not match Google’s expectations. The site remained available as read-only until August 15, 2015, at which time it closed completely.

Helpouts by Google

Helpouts by Google

online collaboration service

2013 - 2015

why dead?

On April 20, 2015, Google officially shut down Helpouts stating that the service hadn’t, “grown at the pace we had expected.”

Google Catalogs

Google Catalogs

shopping app for tablets

2011 - 2015

why dead?

Google catalogs officially shut down on August 4, 2015. The announcement comes a little less than two years after the mobile app was retired. No reason was given.



social networking website

2004 - 2014

why dead?

Over the past decade, growth of Facebook, YouTube, Blogger and Google+ have outpaced Orkut’s. Google decided to bid Orkut farewell and shut it down.

Building Maker

Building Maker

3d buildings maker

2009 - 2013

why dead?

On 13 March 2013 Google announced that the Building Maker application would be retired on 1 June 2013; the cancellation became effective on 4 June.

Google Latitude

Google Latitude

social location service

2009 - 2013

why dead?

It was discontinued on August 9, 2013. After the feature moved to Google+ in between, Google incorporated Latitude’s location sharing feature into Google Maps

Google Checkout

Google Checkout

payment processing service

2006 - 2013

why dead?

It was discontinued on November 20, 2013 and the service moved to Google Wallet.



personalised home page

2005 - 2013

why dead?

Google announced that, it would retire iGoogle due to “the unforeseen evolution of web and mobile apps and the erosion of the need for the site.”

Google Reader

Google Reader

RSS/Atom feed aggregator

2005 - 2013

why dead?

Google announced they were discontinuing Google Reader, stating the product had a loyal but declining following, and they wanted to focus on fewer products.



email client for mac

2011 - 2012

why dead?

Google killed sparrow in favour of Google Inbox.

Code Search

Code Search

code search engine

2006 - 2012

why dead?

Google announced that Code Search was to be shut down along with the Code Search API. The service remained online until March 2013,and it now returns a 404.



web analytics program

2005 - 2012

why dead?

Urchin Software product has been completely overshadowed by its tremendously popular offspring (Google Analytics)

Google Jaiku

Google Jaiku

micro-blogging service

2007 - 2012

why dead?

Google Jaiku was shut down as the company wanted to focus on Google+ and also Jaiku didn’t manage enough traction.



online photo editing

2010 - 2012

why dead?

It was discontinued and an app with the same tools was added to Google+. It is called as the Creative Kit.



user-written reference site

2008 - 2012

why dead?

Google phased out Knol in favour of Annotum. The project was closed on April 30, 2012, and all content was deleted by October 1, 2012.

Google Health

Google Health

personal health record

2008 - 2012

why dead?

Google stated that they were discontinuing Google Health because it did not have as broad impact as had been expected.

Google Video

Google Video

video hosting service

2005 - 2012

why dead?

The video hosting service was ultimately shut down on August 20, 2012 and the remaining Google Video content was automatically migrated to YouTube.

Google Wave

Google Wave

real-time collab app

2010 - 2012

why dead?

Google Wave was discontinued because there just weren’t enough active users. The IP was later transferred to Apache when the development was discontinued.

Google Fast Flip

Google Fast Flip

online news aggregator

2009 - 2011

why dead?

Google did not specify any reason to discontinue it.



web annotation tool

2009 - 2011

why dead?

In September 2011, Google announced it would discontinue a number of its products, including Google Sidewiki through their ”second spring cleanup”

Google Desktop

Google Desktop

desktop search app

2004 - 2011

why dead?

“People now have instant access to their data, whether online or offline. As this was the goal of Google Desktop, the product will be discontinued”

Google Labs

Google Labs

google's playground

2006 - 2011

why dead?

In July 2011, Google announced that it was discontinuing Google Labs. Many of the experiments have been discontinued although a few have moved to the main search pages.

Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary

web-based dictionary

2010 - 2011

why dead?

Google closed down Dictionary service with a message: “Google Dictionary is no longer available. You can use Google web search to find definitions or Google Translate for your translation needs.”



social search service

2008 - 2011

why dead?

Another victim of Google’s ‘spring cleanup’.

Google Notebook

Google Notebook

online note taking app

2006 - 2011

why dead?

In September 2011, Google announced it would discontinue a number of its products, including Google Notebook through their ”second spring cleanup”.

Google Buzz

Google Buzz

Social networking service

2010 - 2011

why dead?

Google announced that it would discontinue the service and that the existing content would be available in read-only mode. Buzz was superseded by Google+

Google Gears

Google Gears

open source utility software

2007 - 2010

why dead?

The Gears team at Google announced that the development of Google Gears had stopped, as they are working on bringing all of the Gears capabilities into web standards.



local directory assistance

2007 - 2010

why dead?

“The service has served its purpose in helping the company develop other, more sophisticated voice-powered technologies.” – Google



annotate search results

2008 - 2010

why dead?

Google Stars replaced SearchWiki. Users no longer have the option to annotate or re-order search results.

Ride Finder

Ride Finder

ride sharing service

2007 - 2009

why dead?

Way before Uber, Google Ride Finder offered a geolocated service to find a car: taxi, carpool or shuttle in 14 cities of the United States. It closed in 2009.

Audio Ads

Audio Ads

2007 - 2009

why dead?

Launched from 2007 to 2009, Audio Ads was a radio advertising module only operated in the United States.

Web Accelerator

Web Accelerator

web page speed tool

2005 - 2008

why dead?

Google Web Accelerator is no longer available for, or supported by, Google as of January 20, 2008.

Page Creator

Page Creator

website creation service

2008 - 2009

why dead?

In 2008, Google announced that it would not accept new sign-ups to Page Creator, instead encouraging users to use Google Sites. The service had been shut down in 2009.



web-based virtual world

2008 - 2008

why dead?

A post on the Google Blog explains the decision: “we want to ensure that we prioritize our resources and focus more on our core search, ads and apps business.”



social location service

2005 - 2007

why dead?

Dodgeball was shut down and succeeded in February 2009 by Google Latitude.

Google Answers

Google Answers

online knowledge market

2002 - 2006

why dead?

“Answers community’s limited size and other product considerations made it more effective for us to focus our efforts on other ways to help our users find information.”

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291 responses to “The Google Cemetery”

  1. Sagar Khanapurkar says:

    I can’t stop thinking about all the working hours and $$$ gone into this!

    • Which whoever devs worked on these products were compensated accordingly. So…

      • Cristian Torres says:

        It still means a lot of wasted time and money

        • M Hopper says:

          Nah, no time and money are wasted. Many of the technologies developed just get rolled into other, existing applications. No knowledge is ever really lost. It’s just transferred.

          When you hover over the applications listed above, you can see where most of the time the apps were discontinued as a part of moving the tech into another form.

          • Cristian Torres says:

            Thats true, but not for those tranfered to Google plus… perhaps they are working in a new type of social network to take advantage of all that knowledge or maybe not, I dont know

          • Sven says:

            It also has to be considered that these products affected people and the dialogue of the internet in their time, and while the products or technology no longer exist, they have had a butterfly effect on the world that can’t be removed.

  2. Glauber Silva says:

    What about Google Buzz ?

  3. Leonardo Varuzza says:

    I miss google reader.

  4. Dan Walker says:

    Ha, I forgot about iGoogle.

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  6. iGoogle was my go-to landing page!

  7. Dr Tom Babu says:

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  8. pls add Google Code and Goo.gl (URL shortener), both retired/killed

    Google Code:
    From 2006-2016, Google Code Project Hosting offered a free collaborative development environment for open source projects. Projects hosted on Google Code remain available in the Google Code Archive.

    Goo.gl: (It was launched in December 2009)
    Starting March 30, 2018, we will be turning down support for goo.gl URL shortener. From April 13, 2018 only existing users will be able to create short links on the goo.gl console. You will be able to view your analytics data and download your short link information in csv format for up to one year, until March 30, 2019, when we will discontinue goo.gl. Previously created links will continue to redirect to their intended destination.

  9. Envy says:

    You’re missing Google ARA, Google Car, Google Glass and Google Books.

  10. You can add Inbox to the list.

  11. bond says:

    missing Google Schemer

  12. Tony says:

    2014- 2019.

  13. mike99 says:

    Google bought and killed the Sparrow email app: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sparrow_(email_client)

  14. Khaled Shagrouni says:

    Ironically the “share on G+” icon above still active.

  15. Pedro Rafael Jiménez Jijón says:

    And Google Glasses??

  16. m-p{3} says:

    Sometimes I wish Hangouts was simply an evolution of Google Talk and XMPP instead of being a closed-source protocol without third-party access.

    It annoys me that we can’t have a multiprotocol IM client that support the current modern platforms like Facebook Messenger, etc.

  17. Mike says:

    Don’t forget Google Finance and Google Moderator. Both were great products.

  18. Kerrick Staley says:

    Also not in this list is Google Code Search (2006-2012). It’s a product I miss a lot.

  19. Albin Tsoukki says:

    Panoramio was the worst crime. There were photoes of amazing places outside the streetview. It was invaluable tool for the backcountry traveller.

  20. Patryk Goworowski says:

    How about Google Spaces (2016-2017)?

  21. Jeremy Miles says:

    Google Base

  22. David Smith says:

    More coming soon

  23. deados says:

    Inbox is the next to die. RIP.

  24. Martina Neumayer says:


  25. I had such high hopes for Wave :'(

  26. Wulfgang Lawson (Wulf715) says:

    iGoogle is still (kinda) around.

  27. I’m gonna share on G+ that G+ is dead.

  28. Adam Wildavsky says:

    There are plenty more! I worked on Google Checkout, Google Trader, and Beba, all now scuttled. Mostly not my fault…

  29. Benny Ying says:


  30. łukasz Jedryszczyk says:


  31. FiXato says:

    While it was announced in 2018, Google+ won’t actually shut down till August 2019.

    • george miller says:

      The Hangouts feature terminates in August 2019 the G+ was to terminate then but due to new data leak they moved it up to April no fooling 2019 the hangouts closing will offer to port accounts to either hangouts chat or hang outs meeting . Why is Google / Alphabet surrendering to Face Book when Face Book has it’s own horror stories of security leakage.

  32. DavidB1978 says:

    I miss Google Discussion Search. Was great for finding out what people were saying about a product rather than what the advertisers wanted them to say.

  33. macabeus says:

    Yeah. Google Code is missing on this list. I used this service a little

  34. Majel007 says:

    I still use Google picassa, and I will not replace it until it works. <3

  35. tapados says:

    google search will ended up soon

  36. Rui says:

    Inbox will soon be here too 🙁

  37. issam says:

    it’s there , second row .

  38. IamRafy says:

    I didn’t know Google had these many products until now.

  39. Traroth says:

    slide.com, bought by Google in August 2010, closed in August 2011…

    Technologies would be cool, too: Guava, Guice, GWT, GSON, Dart, AngularJS…

  40. Patrice FERLET says:

    Very funny to see that you let “G+” share button at the bottom 🙂

  41. Gonzalo De la Cruz De la Cueva says:

    Why google shortener is closing? It’s so useful…

  42. Alexander Zubko says:

    It would be nice to read a short description of the service in addition to a reason why it was closed. I’m not familiar with more than the half of the projects.

  43. rep says:

    You forgot Google Web Accelerator
    Google Web Toolkit

  44. John says:

    – Google Search Appliance
    – Google Building Maker

  45. Neld91 says:

    I will miss Inbox.

  46. Joel Chu says:

    Love Picasa!

  47. Ramon says:

    Ojalá su buscador y servicio de correo sean los siguientes en unirse a esta lista.

  48. I miss Google Desktop and its flower pot widget.

  49. disgr4ce says:

    It’d be terrific to see a short description of what each product was in addition to what killed it! I’ve never heard of a lot of these X-)

  50. Private Citizen says:

    Both the Google Search Appliance (“Google in a box”) and Google Offers (knock-off of Groupon) are absent.

  51. Inbox is soon joining and I thought Hangouts is dead too

  52. Federico says:

    I miss iGoogle and very soon dying app is Google Inbox. Fckng company, there is no Flight inbox feature replacing it

  53. Naeem Nur says:

    Added short description for each product

  54. Setati says:

    When people ask why I don’t recommend Google Docs or G-Suite for businesses – I remind them of just how many “best in breed” products Google has decided to kill over the years. Not something I would want to rely on for my business.

  55. Zgrb says:

    You can add the MyTracks app which I loved

  56. alkinkasap says:

    you will add “inbox” soon to the list, i loved inbox, poor google.

  57. iksmac says:

    Snapseed on Desktop and Nic Collection.

  58. Prankur Pandey (pprankur) says:

    Google Indic Input tools for PC is also missing..!

  59. Paul Lee says:

    I can’t see the Google News project. Basically, Google started providing digital scans of historic newspapers. It lasted a few years before they pulled the plug.

  60. Mohammed Adil says:

    i miss google reader

  61. iGoogle I’m also missing. It was just a website but I used it everyday

  62. fellwalker57@gmail.com says:

    Does anyone have a recommendation for an alternative to Picasa? Neither Google Photos nor Apple Photos is anywhere as good.

    • Hansjuerg Wuethrich says:

      maybe Microsofts Photos (via OneDrive), Works in Browser or Windows 10. Flickr , but they have now a monthly subscription (The 1TB Space for free is gone!)

  63. Jacek N. Kozioł says:

    It should be Google Map Maker on that list

  64. Przemo Szymik says:

    I don’t see Google MapMaker (2008-2017) on the list.
    GMaps hasn’t many functions… (adding roads, areas of forrests, parks…)

  65. sixdeaftaxis says:

    Google+ should be 2019 not 2018.

    And don’t forget Inbox!

  66. Jean-Eric Mesmain says:

    You forgot Google power meter

  67. David Gabel says:

    Some of the reasoning is vague making it look more like Google lost interest regardless of user engagement of the services.

  68. Alvaro Lozano says:

    I want to kill google search 😄

  69. gerson matias gual otaigue says:


  70. Santy says:

    You should add Inbox by Gmail here. They’re shutting down it too in March 2019

  71. Audric says:

    I miss Google Space.

  72. Google discontinuing support for Android Nearby Notifications (https://android-developers.googleblog.com/2018/10/discontinuing-support-for-android.html). So there is the next candidate for this site.

  73. Håkan Andersson says:

    I miss Google My Tracks, best of them all!!

  74. RickardM says:

    “the one who sleeps doesn’t do any mistakes”
    I did have some hope for Wave

  75. Aleister Trolley says:

    Inbox will soon join them 😔

  76. Google Talk was the only chat service that got through the highly restricted corporate proxy on my first office job, it saved my sanity, and could transfer folders of files! Loved it, am still a user of Hangouts which still feels like it’s half broken most of the time but at least it logs to Gmail.

    The end of Google Reader was just a travesty.

  77. 2B says:

    Why “Sketchup” isn’t in the list?

  78. Sadly miss – Google Reader, Plus especially the circles which they pulled a while ago. Also miss talk, Picasa and Spaces.

  79. Andre says:

    You forgot one of my favorites: Google Sets

  80. Novikov says:

    Thanks man.

  81. Andreas S says:

    Where is Picasa?

  82. dampoort says:

    I will certainly miss Google Inbox. I do not find a replacement product.

  83. jalturgell says:

    I used Google My Tracks for recording GPS tracks…

  84. OMG.,.. what a pain to have witnessed the dead of Google WAVE. NOTHING can still match this hiper futuristic project. I was very annoyed seeing the super futile – hyper ambitious efforts on developing social networks while skipping away real revolutionary productivity tools. I still moarn it.

  85. It makes you think about every new thing they make likejobs google do I use it for clients or will it be DOA in a year? No one can say.

  86. Caleb Stanford says:

    where is Google Inbox?

  87. Vladimir Polukhin says:

    Google Sets – generates a list of items when users enter a few examples. For example, entering “Green, Purple, Red” emits the list “Green, Purple, Red, Blue, Black, White, Yellow, Orange, Brown”. Discontinued mid-year

  88. What about the android app Google Listen?

  89. Anniyan says:

    I miss Google Labs & Picasa! 🙁

  90. uranbold says:

    I miss Google Talk

  91. Hope there’re buttons below each one such as “Miss you” or “Send flower” with counting numbers. Like the “Like” button.

  92. Romain Pechayre says:

    Hey Google ? What about a poll about the next product in this page ?

  93. Marco Tonoli says:

    prepare space for inbox…

  94. Mike S says:

    I liked when they let us save maps with our waypoints on them.

  95. v2click says:

    You need to have a section called “Coming Soon” and add Hangouts to that.

  96. Waveman says:

    I agree! It was wonderful service

  97. Adventurer says:

    It seems google is going to kill the Hangouts, only they spat on allo, the last time it was updated in January of this year.

  98. Ahmed Farag says:

    I miss google answers

  99. سليم ابوعوده says:

    Google Chrome will follow them
    By Google Translate 😂

  100. NET_SetConVar says:

    R.I.P Hangouts

  101. Murlan Nuhanov says:

    I miss Google Froogle

  102. Діма Крищук says:

    Picasa was a great one

  103. JustAbod says:

    Project Ara 🙁

  104. Massimiliano Princiotta says:

    Probably the next app will be Hangout as there is rumors of a possible closure in 2020

  105. Anto_17s says:

    Quickoffice – dead
    Google Currents – dead

  106. Anonymous says:

    Google Inbox is also going to shut down soon

  107. albmed7589 says:

    picasa was actually quite good

  108. AndreyS27 says:

    Hangouts will be next victim

  109. Laiks Foto says:

    Picasa was super! 🙁

  110. Шашлык says:

    Who’s next?

  111. Anna Bobanna says:

    Its listed. But not your fault you missed it. Google has way too many dead projects that people had counted on.

  112. enkode says:

    No “Press F to pay respect” button?

  113. Risket says:

    I really miss Spaces. I found it to be a super helpful brainstorming tool and even used it with my design team at a company I used to work for. Creating a “Space” to represent a project, then sharing individual ideas (text, links, photos) into that space, making it really easy to have individual conversations around each idea.

    I found a tool called Cluster that’s similar but Spaces was so much better.

  114. Tony Damiani says:

    Rest in pieces my dear Google apps.

  115. Jeremy says:

    You should add Google Listen, Google’s original Android podcast app (2009-2012).

  116. Brian Moore says:

    I miss iGoogle

  117. HaveAPudding says:

    What about MyTracks?

  118. TJ Lamoste says:

    How about the Schmooze? I didn’t see it here.

    • matt says:

      Schemer! It was for people to “do more awesome stuff” and would recommend some local activities you could do.

      I think the timeline is from 2011-2013

  119. Bruno Chiarini says:

    I mainly miss Google Reader, Picasa, and Talk. They were great products and nothing that has come to replace it (if at all) has come close.

    The imminent killing of Inbox has been the last drop. I’m migrating away from google.

    BTW, it seems google and apple are going through a “low” period, while Microsoft has been coming up with very good products, even for Android! (check the Microsoft Launcher for Android). A few years ago MS looked like the “old” company….

  120. jlh820 says:

    Not happy about the demise of Picasa. After years of juggling multiple photo apps, I settled on Picasa since it did most things I regularly needed. And then Google shut it down.

    Google Photos is pretty much useless for anything other than viewing pictures on your phone.i wanted a photo app. Not a other social media app.

  121. Esteban says:

    Google Reader should come back to life.

  122. Matt Borkin says:

    Google Groups?

  123. rarestock says:

    Reader is one that I would like to see retuen too. I tried Feedly, but ultimately ended up on the old reader because it’s closer to the perfection that was Google reader. Also, is Google Listen still a thing? I thought it was decom’d too.

  124. Cedrick Lesperance says:

    I miss Goog-411 and iGoogle and many more too…

  125. Yatharth Singh Sisodiya says:

    Google SMS

  126. LOL says:

    Hangouts is next to die lol, followed by Allo

  127. Hjcolon says:

    Rip igoogle…

  128. Brandon Agent says:

    Google+ and hangouts will always be a part of me.

  129. Tiuri Elvander says:

    I loved iGoogle!!!

  130. amralomari says:

    Inbox 🙁 🙁 🙁

  131. Megan Gill says:

    RIP iGoogle. I still miss you

  132. Tanzanite The Retarded Gemsona says:

    Add Hangouts on 2020.

  133. JDGAFFLIN says:

    Google Listen is missing.

  134. Daniel Hollibaugh says:

    iGoogle I miss you 😭😭😭😭

  135. Suchan Kooprasit says:

    I miss Picasa 🙂

  136. Jachym Kokesh Lukes says:

    Where is Google Listen? My first podcasting app!!

  137. anne julindra says:

    uh.. i just knew that the google± has been shutted down

  138. Mike Angellotti says:

    I still use Picassa.

  139. Abhinay Kumar says:

    What about “Inbox” ? cannot see here.

  140. Hendra Gunawan says:

    I used to play around with Sketch (is that the proper name?!?) Wasn’t it part of Google as well? Now it’s gone, too bad…

  141. Alexander Terry says:

    missing 466453 (unless it was technically part of goog-411)

  142. Rad Mcfly says:

    RIP to the beloved Google Plus. You had so much potential when you started and then you took a turn for the worst. You will be missed.

  143. webserveis says:

    The loss of Google reader and Google plus for app communities

  144. Ivan Volosyuk says:

    Missing Google Bookmark Sync (for Firefox)

  145. Kermex says:

    Shame on you, Google!

  146. Hung Bui says:

    Where is MyTrack? I miss it!

  147. Emal510 says:

    Google Dictionary is NOT dead. I still have the Chrome Extension installed and use it every day for looking up definitions, synonyms, and translations. It even has the same icon.

  148. holaymolay says:

    One missing from the list is Google Sets. I loved that tool!

    Cool site, thanks for the hard work!

  149. Much of these products I loved or found useful. How Google has managed to become profitable inspire of being the most “quitter” company still in existanex is beyond me. They aren’t happy with a product being used, they apparently want every product to be the MOST used or they kill it. They are the Trump of internet companies. They’ll kill Google Voice off next, mark my words.

  150. bmorgan231 says:

    What about Google Talk Bin? I loved that service and saw possible integration with Google reviews but they shelved it not long after purchase. By the way this is a great idea for a site for a variety of reasons. We used to joke that outside of search Google’s only revenue was acquired revenue from other companies (like youtube) but the reality is that celebrating a company’s failures is basically a celebration of risk taking (which is great). Kudos to having this sight!

  151. Samuel V. says:

    Let’s wait for Inbox 🙁

  152. Александр Мартыненко says:

    Maybe now they finally make at least 1 fucking thing work right. Google should close Google itself. It is indeed dying. It is harder to find needed information, not a fucking garbage. Google translate seems to be a 3 years old imbecile. And chrome…

  153. andrea crabi says:

    I miss google spaces….

  154. acca says:

    Next Hangouts?

  155. Luigi Iorio says:

    rip google+

  156. Szulovszky Balázs says:

    Google TV is missing from the list. Launched in October 2010, then replaced by Android TV in June 2014.

  157. Szulovszky Balázs says:

    Tango also missing from the list. It was released in June 2014, relpaced by ARCore, and discontinued in March 2018.

  158. Giorgino says:

    I miss google gears

  159. SeppWinkler says:

    I still miss iGoogle – personalised home page. I´d like have something like it was.

  160. armandopoli says:

    Google Talk come back

  161. Aldo Tedone says:

    Google Currents <3

  162. Starnat says:

    aaand now, say “allo” to Google Allo

  163. Amos says:

    I miss Picasa contator

  164. Ovy Ron says:

    I remember 2 services now defunct: Search Discussions (showed only results from Forums, Blogs, and websites with comments, which I absolutely adored), and a Twitter search (you could search for some current event and see tweets as they were happening, without even visiting Twitter.) I miss those a lot 🙁

  165. Ahmed adly Hendawy says:

    Please do not close Google Plus, I love it 🙁 <3

  166. Tomás Raiti says:

    It is high time to have a page like this: build a tombstone for Google Allo.

    Not looking forward to Google Play Music (Instead of the expensive and useless YT Music)

  167. Why google shortener? Great alternative to bitly.

    • Szulovszky Balázs says:

      Probably they don’t wanted to spend money on something which has a widely used alternative. Bitly is perfect for the task.

  168. Please add Google Fusion Tables as anounced on 11.12.2018.
    Programed death: December 3, 2019.

  169. André Rodrigues says:


  170. André Rodrigues says:

    PicNic 😍😍😍

  171. I miss Google Schemer and Google Reader too.

  172. Kodos Otros 🐙 says:


  173. Danilo Kulaif Safatle says:

    Some are missing, including Google Wave ando Google Desktop, wich I miss very much.

  174. Luiz says:

    No céu tem pão?

  175. Cássio Luis Riboli says:

    Google Office ?

  176. Gabriel De Andrade Ferreira says:

    google glass

    • Szulovszky Balázs says:

      I would say because it’s a hardware, and also never released commercially, but on the other hand Ara is listed here, so I’m confused a little bit now 😀

  177. Lunes Platform says:

    Saudades do Orkut…

  178. Morpheus says:

    R.I.P Orkut 😭

  179. fabiolimafsl says:

    Google Reader and URL Shortener was great services!

  180. jaccon says:

    Born and die a new platform every single day

  181. jaccon says:

    Hangouts, Google Wave

  182. Tofanelli says:

    And Google is about to kill Hangouts in favor of Allo =… worst move ever =(

    • Szulovszky Balázs says:

      Actually they wanted to replace Hangouts with Allo and Duo, but now they want to replace all of them with Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat.

      • Tofanelli says:

        I never really get this part… why google invested time and money doing these both apps while they could improve Hangouts to next level?? Hangouts it was amazing (was, because I read an article a few days ago saying they will to shutdown too in 2020, and now I’m confused)… a true app for chat and sms… i really never got this part…

        They could just rewrite it from scratch, made all improvements they want and we all would be glad by now =

        • Szulovszky Balázs says:

          The reason they developed Allo and Duo is because they wanted to create a messaging app from scratch. Since then, they developed Android Messaging app, mainly for SMS, but they want to improve this into a full featured messaging app, to replace Allo. As far as I know, the main developer who was behind Allo left Google, and the rest of the team are moved to the Messaging app, and Google doesn’t want to maintain 2 separete apps and services, and currently Messaging and Duo looks like will be the winners, and Hangouts will be split into two separate apps, Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet, both for corporate use for G Suite. Thats the current plan from Google.

          • Tofanelli says:

            This is the most stupid google move ever… why they don’t redo the whole app already known by everyone instead creating new ones? this is quite stupid… I never quite get why and how google comes up with all these stupid ideas “”let’s create a dozen apps,wait until they get a huge users base and then let just kill them””… hangouts was a great service, but started to fall apart when they decided to remove SMS feature from it and move to Allo… then Duo, then XYS, then that, then whatever… if they really want a great app, whey they don’t improve the one they already have?? they could rewrite it from scratch and just replace it… it would be amazing =(

            I miss consistency =

  183. Edson says:

    Orkut will always be in the hearts of many young Brazilians who have used the social network until Facebook became popular here. Thanks for all the flash games, memorable communities, annoying scraps, made friendships and formed couples.

  184. Demônio Luci ™️ 🔥 says:

    Cadê os Orkuteiros da vida aqui?

  185. Guilherme Passos says:

    Faltou inbox

  186. Gelth says:

    Missing death of Allo (talking service) and Inbox mailer service

  187. Teófilo Couto says:

    Google Wave was a great service… Maybe the one I miss the most of them all!

  188. Gábor Náray says:

    Google Wave was the best collab tech, and it would be still terrific. The only problem was that they screwed the market entry process. There were thousands of users waiting for account for weeks. Why hiping if nobody can use it?

  189. Vic says:

    Orkut ❤️😢

  190. Lucinéia Bernardes says:

    Google should have automatically transferred all Picasa photos to its successor and maintained the qualities of the previous file. I found this change to be very bad in the way it was done. I missed precious moments of my story in photos.
    Gloogle photos are stupid!

  191. Lucinéia Bernardes says:

    Picasa was infinitely better than Google Photos. It besides storing the photos allowed any user to make minor corrections. Google should have automatically transferred all Picasa photos to its successor and maintained the qualities of the previous file.
    Google photos like this is just a stupid file !!!!

  192. Lucinéia Bernrdes says:

    Google photos is just a stupid file

  193. Bônei says:

    Vim aqui deixar umas flores no túmulo do Orkut. Saudades !!!

  194. Daniel Salgado says:

    Slack = Google Wave done right.

  195. IntensoFOX 🦊#RAPOSAOLIVRE says:

    R.I.P. Google!!! >.<"

  196. Влад Милоста (DUB1401) says:

    Привет из Беларуси (как Россия, но без нефти). Мы тоже тут скорбим по усопшим от Google.

  197. Santy says:

    Hey, add Hangouts, Allo, Google Goggles and Play Kiosco. I think both will die.

    Hangouts will dissapear in 2020 and the functions will be in Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet.
    The Play Kiosco app for android dissapeared and Google News will replace it.
    Google Goggles will be replaced by Google Lens.
    Allo has no more new functions and in March 2019 will dissapear.

    that’s all i know for now.

  198. Tom Stevens says:

    You forgot to mention Google Affiliate Network. Shut down suddenly.

  199. Claudio Will Swift says:

    Rest in peace guys,

  200. varios de esos servicios los use pero , una porqueria google

  201. Dave says:

    I will miss Google Inbox when it finally sunsets. Going back to GMail feels like going back to the stone age.

  202. Santhiratan Mandyam says:

    I miss google heath.., Really google missed big on this.., They should have tied Google health, Google fit and Wear OS into something big.

  203. Sergey Sudakovskiy says:

    Google Map Maker is missed from the cemetery!

  204. So… What about google glass?

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