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Google Desktop Alternatives

Google Desktop was discontinued by Google, but don't worry we have compiled a list of Google Desktop Alternatives:

X1 Search

X1’s Lightning-Fast Search Software. Premium Alternative to Windows Desktop and Outlook Search.

Created by X1 DISCOVERY, INC


XSearch is a free search tool that with more features that Windows Search didn’t provided.

Created by EaseXP software

Find Any File

Find Any File is a program for Apple’s Mac OS X that lets you search for files on your disks.

Created by Thomas Tempelmann

Archivarius 3000

Archivarius 3000 is a full-featured application to search documents and e-mail on the desktop computer, your local network and removable drives (CD, DVD). The documents can be searched by content, the same as with Internet search engines.

Created by Likasoft

Copernic Desktop Search

Instantly find files, e-mails, and attachments stored anywhere on your PC with the free Copernic.

Created by Copernic


SwiftSearch is a lightweight program whose purpose is to help you quickly find the files you need on your Windows machine without ever requiring you to index your drives. Most search utilities that achieve similar speeds do so by indexing drives while the computer is idle, but because idleness detection is so difficult to get right, in practice they end up slowing down the whole system just to speed up search.

Created by Mehrdad N.

Lookeen Desktop Search

A fast and next-generation desktop search and productivity tool for standard and virtual desktops, for private and enterprise search requirements. Finds documents, outlook archives and e-mails, contacts, appointments, folders, etc.

Created by Lookeen


RecentX gives you fastest access to your files, folders, programs, websites and also clipboard history in Windows. What’s special is that it automatically remembers your recent and favorite items so that you can access them faster than searching all the files, folders etc. You can assign tags to all of them. You will be surprised to see how much hassle it saves and makes computing really enjoyable. We have stuffed this app with innovations that will boost your productivity.

Created by Conceptworld Corporation


Omnilauncher for Linux to help you quickly find and run apps and do other useful things.

Created by ManuelSchneid3r

Agent Ransack

Agent Ransack is a tool for finding files and information on your hard drive fast and efficiently.

Created by mythicsoft


Alfred is a quicklaunch application for Mac OS X, which aims to save you time in searching your local computer and the web.

Created by Andrew Pepperrell


Rainmeter allows you to display customizable skins on your desktop, from hardware usage meters.

Created by Rainys

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