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Google Latitude Alternatives

Google Latitude was discontinued by Google, but don't worry we have compiled a list of Google Latitude Alternatives:


OwnTracks is your location companion, it allows you to keep track of your own location. You can build your private location diary or share it with your family and friends.

OwnTracks is open-source and uses open protocols for communication so you can be sure your data stays secure and private.

Created by


Pathshare is a beautiful app that helps you share your path in realtime. It was designed to be simple to use and make realtime location sharing a safe experience. With Pathshare, you can easily setup a session with your friends and share your location for a defined period of time. You and only you are in control of for how long you want to be seen by other participants! And there is more: Pathshare will automatically stop sharing your location when the defined time expires. That’s safe and easy!

Created by freshbits GmbH

Spend more time with your friends. Instantly nearby or later today. Share your current status and plans. Someone is probably just around the corner and wants to meet you!

Created by GmbH


See who is around you right now and where to find them online!

Viewbubble is a small geolocation application for Android, scan the area around you to get a list of people. Visit their blog, twitter, dating site or why not say “hi” directly with Viewbubble mail!

Discover how fun it is to spy and see who is around you. Maybe you are on the same dating site or have some common interests as the people around you.

Created by

cYou cMe

With cYou cMe you can invite people to a session and share your locations in real-time.

Created by Similar Layers AS


PocketLocator brings you the ability to update your location on your website from your mobile, smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

Created by Remi Grumeau


Miataru is Japanese and means “be found” or “to come across” and it’s meant to be a set of tools to allow the user to track locations and choose how to work with the data as well as how data is stored if at all.

This is the Miataru iOS App that allows you to use the free Miataru service or your own Miataru server instance.

Created by Daniel Kirstenpfad


LockOnMe is a flexible location-sharing app, displaying targets and/or associated Points Of Interest on OpenStreetMap & fun radars (incl. a “Motion Tracker” inspired by Aliens2).
You would normally want to broadcast your position over the internet (using a Target ID & Tracking Code pair of your choice), but the app can also send a text message with your fixed position by SMS, which can then be processed from the app and displayed on a map.
(to save on roaming costs, internet data, etc)

Created by Minute Rules


Kilroy is a location-based bulletin board. No user registration and posting can be completely anonymous. It allows you to tell other Kilroy users nearby about what you learn in the area. Maybe the restaurant you are in has an unadvertised special or you ordered the biscuits and they are dry today. It’s very easy to use and you don’t have to know who to follow.

Created by Xtern Software, Inc.


GeoCha is a local interaction platform. It supports transient events like local chats as well as local publishing, local exchange and local collaboration. It’s easy to create theme-based event maps for private or public use. Customization like special map-overlays and branding are provided on demand by the company.

Created by GeoCha


GPS-tracker with online/offline mode. You could share your location easily, without additional registrations and settings. Just run application, press Start button and share tracking URL with your friends or family.

Created by Monitoring


Foursquare is all about helping you find new ways to explore your city.

Created by foursquare

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